Friday, November 15, 2013

School Ditch Day

The kids kindergarten teacher was out of town on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the week of Veteran's Day. I helped the substitute on Tuesday and Wednesday and I decided we were going to Sea World on Thursday. The kids were so squirrely that I knew that not a lot of learning was going to take place. The kids Sea World passes expire in December so I wanted to try to get a couple of trips in before then.

Jaileigh and Annie looking at the porcupine.

  Checking out the monitor.
Sea World was all decorated for Christmas.
Michael, Anthony, Annie, Jake and Jaileigh
Anthony and Michael
Annie waiting for the Madagascar Live show.
I took this picture because of this lady. She sat next to Jaileigh and talked to her the whole show.They were in the row in front of me watching the pet show.
On the drive home I asked Jaileigh about the lady. She told me that she thought she was Penny, her friends grandma. I asked her what she asked. She said she asked how old all of them were. Jaileigh said she told them they were all 5 and Annie was 3. The lady asked if they were twins and Jaileigh said no. She said that Michael then said that they were quadruplets. I asked Jaileigh if she was a quadruplet and she said NO! hahahaha. I have never talked to the kids about being quads or twins. They just know they are brothers and sister and they have the same birthday. I told her that a quadruplet was someone who had the same birthday and that they were in my tummy at the same time. Now she know she is a quadruplet. I don't know how Michael knew other than he is pretty observant.
The Pets Rules show. It was their dress rehearsal for the Christmas shows.
After the show they got to go see some of the pets up close.
Petting Hammy the pig.
The Shamu show. All the kids wanted to do was get wet. . . .
and they got wet and they froze.
Michael, Anthony, Annie, Jake, Jaileigh
The girls I had extra clothes but I didn't for the boys.
We had so much fun. Sea World was empty! I guess everyone was in school. We just went from show to show to show all day long. They had a blast!

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