Friday, November 22, 2013

Back Again

Tuesday we were in the urgent care and Thursday we were at the pediatrician.
The medicine she was put on gave her diarrhea and vomiting. She still had a 102-104 fever. She still wasn't eating. She hadn't eaten since Monday evening and the only water she was receiving was from a syringe that I was forcing her to take.

Dr. Pumphrey checked her out and said that urgent care had correctly diagnosed her (thanks to mom and google!). He prescribed zofran for the nauseousness and said that I had to give her a syringe full of water every 5 minutes or she would need to go in for an IV. He also suggested I try to get her to eat some pediasure for nutrition.

I had tried popsicles, ice cream, slurpees, gatoraide, tea, jello, yogurt, you name it and I had offered her. She was smart enough to know that anything that went into her mouth was going to cause pain, even if she really, really liked it.

So, we went home with the syringe plan and praying that the sores would go away and the fever break!

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