Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veteran's Day!

What better way to celebrate Veteran's Day, while daddy works, then hiking in the beautiful land that the Veteran's  fought for! 

In the kindergarten class there are only two moms that volunteer, myself and Adalia's mom, Montse. On Fridays we volunteer together for a couple of hours while I do science. She asked if we would like to go hiking on Monday. Both of our husbands are drug reps so had to work. We went to the Santa Rosa Plateau and hiked to the Vernal Pools, which were dry.

Anthony and Adalia linking up hands.
Way in the front is Annie, Jake and Jordan (Adalia's brother). In the back it is Anthony, Adalia, Jaileigh and Michael.
It was beautiful up there!
Playing in a grove of trees.
Adalia- all the boys have a crush!
Michael and his Mickey Mouse hat that he LOVES!
Jaileigh climbing the tree.
Adalia climbed the tree. She is really about 6 feet high.
Jaileigh had to climb higher than Adalia. I couldn't reach her she was so high.
Running to the pools.
A group picture.
Jordan, Anthony, Adalia, Jaileigh, Michael, Jakob, Annie
Annie loved Jordan and he was so cute to her.
Looking for a butterfly.
Montse went back to get Jaileigh. It was so sweet of her. Jaileigh hurt her foot the other night. I don't know what is wrong. I don't think it's broken but it keeps bugging her. I brought the stroller in case she wasn't able to walk the hike.
The group minus me.
The boys and Adalia.
Anthony and Adalia holding hands again.
His face was so dirty!
After we went to Chik-Fil-A for lunch. My kids haven't been in over a year and didn't even remember what it was. They loved it. We let them all sit at the same table and it was so fun listening to them talk. The important conversations of 5 year olds is definately entertaining.

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