Sunday, November 17, 2013

Crazy Chicken Story

The neighbors dogs got into our chickens one Sunday morning and we lost 3 chickens. At one point we had 11, we lost 4 to the heat and another 3 to the neighbors dogs. My kids were so upset, Jakob the most. It just happened to occur the same day as the primary program. I usually have ward council at 7:00 every Sunday morning and then our church starts at 8:30. This leaves Mike to get the 5 kids showered, fed, dressed and at church before 8:20 so that I can comb hair in the parking lot. This Sunday the ward council was cancelled so I was able to help Mike with the kids and the chicken clean up. They were crazy at church though! Their poor teacher!
During the primary program all the kids ages 3-11 sit on the stand and put on a program about what they have learned the past year using songs and small parts. It was so cute! I should have taken pictures of the kids all dressed up but with the chicken stuff going on we were all frazzled.

Before we went to church there was only one chicken in the coop. When we got home there were 3 chickens! We found one more chicken behind our fence. The kids and I ended up chasing her around the next day until we cornered her and I snatched her out of the hedge she was hiding in. I kept thinking that it would have been hilarious to have it filmed. I was yelling at the kids telling them where to run, I had them all split up in different areas and I was crawling on the ground half in the hedge, half out. I am sure it was hysterical to watch. Once I caught her I (gently) threw her over the fence and then we walked around through the easement to get home.
The chickens seem fine now and are still laying eggs. Oh what excitement they bring to our family!

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