Saturday, November 2, 2013

No School So Zoo Time

The kids didn't have school the day after Halloween, how smart! I gave them the choice of going to the zoo or to Sea World. They chose the Zoo and I chose the Wild Animal Park/Safari Park because it was closer.

They had so much fun. It was empty because most kids still had school!

Jake and Jaileigh
Looking at the Sulfur Crested Cockatoo.
Annie, Michael, Jake, Anthony and Jaileigh
Lily pad kids, Jaileigh wouldn't smile.
Jake, Michael, Annie, Anthony and Jaileigh
When she did finally smile Anthony was hiding.
Annie on the turtle shell.
Michael, Anthony and Jaileigh
The baby was nursing and the kids thought that was hilarious. I can't remember the name of the animal. The mom got tired of the baby and kept chasing the baby with her horns. The kids thought that was even funnier.
Dirty old Vulture
Some rare rhinos taking a mud bath.
I believe these two white rhinos are part of the 7 left in the whole world.
Mom and Baby Rhino here, baby is hiding under mom.
Annie and Michael
I love Annie's face. They were looking at the lions.
The lion.

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