Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Off To Urgent Care AGAIN!

They pretty much know us in the urgent care now. I walk in and they don't even ask if I've been there before they just ask which one I'm bringing in this time.

This time it was Jaileigh. She had been complaining that her foot hurt for over a week. I didn't want to be the parent that made their kid go to school for a week with a broken foot and then find out it was broken, which is what I was anyway because I waited a week.

We took her in, got it xrayed, and discovered it wasn't broken, thank goodness! Dr. Ricky just thought it was sprained or strained. He said to make her wear her tennis shoes and if it didn't feel better soon to take her in for an ultrasound or MRI. As soon as she started wearing her tennis shoes consistently it started healing and now she is back to normal!

Sometimes a copay is worth a peace of mind for a momma!



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