Saturday, August 22, 2015

Doctors. Doctors, Doctors.

Jake had his appointments with the allergy and asthma doctor and the ENT doctor, Thursday the week school started. I dropped the other kids of at school and then we left for RADY in San Diego. Mike had to pick the kids up because we weren't home.

The first doctor, Dr Michael Welch, was one of the best doctors I have ever met. He greeted Jakob, played the game that we were playing, teased him a little bit and made him feel very comfortable. Then he sat down and asked me Jakob's whole story. He listened, asked questions, took notes, asked Jakob questions. He was very thorough. He agreed with me that Jake didn't need to be allergy tested, he just has asthma. We came up with an action plan. He gave me an actual action plan on paper with different levels for Jake. Green, Yellow, Red and the care needed for each level. He checked out Jake's nasal cavity x-ray and didn't see anything on it. Thank goodness! He said his nose is deviated but he didn't see the chronic sinusitis that his pediatrician saw.

He got all his meds lined out and sent to the pharmacy. We will keep him on the QVAR 3 puffs at night (if RED we do 3 at night and 3 in the morning) and his rescue inhaler. We use Xopenex because it isn't as hard on the heart and thankfully our insurance covers it. Each doctor has conflicting thoughts about this though. He agrees that Jake needs to stay OFF the prednisone. A 10 pound gain over the summer is not ok with him. The weight will come off and he isn't overweight but he is not comfortable. We have a follow up in 6 weeks which really turned in to 8 or 9 weeks (OCT 29) because he is so booked.

We had a 2 hour break between the 2 appointments so we went shopping. We went to PETCO and looked at all the pets. He really., really wanted a cat to bring home. No can do sorry! We went to a few different stores and he picked out presents for everyone. The girls got fans from the Dollar Store and the boys got Star Wars sandwich boxes for their lunches.

The ENT appointment was the shortest appointment ever. She looked Jake over and said he was a perfectly healthy little boy. Healthy eyes, ears, throat, nose, lungs. She looked at the x-ray and said she didn't see any signs of inflammation. She did say that he has a congenital deviated nasal septum that will need to be surgically fixed when he is older, preferably closer to 16. If it is a problem for him it can be repaired as soon as 12. That was it. She said, "see you when it becomes a problem."

We headed home after that. Hooray!

Jake picked out 5 fans. 2 for his sisters, 2 for the neighbor girls and one for his "friend" Lilly at school that he REALLY missed! He chickened out and let Anthony give her the fan at school the next day. I can't help but laugh and shake my head wondering if this is how it is going to be for the next 15 years.

The girls with their fans.
The boys with their toothless grins.
My 3 beautiful boys.

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