Monday, August 17, 2015

1st Day Of School!

1st Day of School came WAY, WAY too fast this year. I was not ready at all. Thank goodness I have a husband with a good head. He got all the school supplies for me, something that I hadn't even thought of. I ran out at naptime one day and grabbed the boys new shirts and that was about all the school shopping I did for them. We took the kids a couple weeks before school started to get new shoes. I was just not ready.

First day with their new shirts and the girls did have new clothes from Jaileigh's birthday.
Michael, Anthony, Jaileigh, Jakob and Annie
I can't stop laughing about Jaileigh's boots. She insisted on having these as her new school shoes. Also Jakes socks. Oh my goodness! Annie picked her own outfit and was so proud of it.
Michael with friend Adalia. He was a little nervous this year for some reason. The kids were not excited about going to school ALL day long.
There's a smile.
Jaileigh, Jake and Anthony
the kid in the orange broke his arm about 5 minutes after this picture.
Annie was so brave. I was so worried because she cried for the first month of preschool and then she was the class clown for the rest of the year. Everyday I picked her up I would get to hear how she "entertained" the class. When I walked her to her class she looked around at all the crying kids and said, "Mom why are those kids crying? It's so weird!" I almost laughed out loud. So far she is doing amazing. She is very serious about class and hasn't acted out, yet.
When I picked her up she was so excited about school. She has waited for 2 years for this and loves that she is finally able to go.

I gave she and Jaileigh special bracelets to wear so that they would remember that I love them and miss them but I will be at home waiting for them.
Mike and I took her to Panera for lunch. Spoiled little girl!
The big kids had a wonderfully fabulous day as well. The #1 LOVE they had was they had 3 recesses. Oh the excitement! I took them for ice cream and slurpees after school to celebrate and to cool off! 108 degrees is too hot for school!

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