Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer Camping


We got home from the beach on Tuesday and drove straight to the RV  park for some camping in our new RV. Our daddy finally found a new one to us that fit within our budget range. He found it in Vegas. It took 2 weekends of long trips for Mike before we got it. One Saturday he drove down to look at it and drove back that day. The next weekend our friend, Jim, drove Mike to Vegas. They stayed in Henderson that night and then Mike drove the RV back in 115 degree temperatures. Hooray!

Playing at the playground one early morning before it got too hot!
I sent the kids on a treasure hunt. Here are Anthony's treasures.
3 leaves, one small rock, a small stick, 3 flowers a 3 leaf clover and a piece of garbage.
Annie and I hanging out at naptime.
Jake sitting at the fire.
Chasing the geese.
Michael wanted me to take this picture of the bird at the top of this dead tree.
He wanted this picture too.
Because we were camping locally our neighbors were able to come hang out with us. They came swimming a couple of days and one night we made smores around the campfire.  
Jaileigh and Hannah
Michael and Anthony
Jakob does not like his picture taken. I love his baby blues.
Susie with Annie
Playing with baby Daniella
We found rotten duck eggs in the lake. The insisted on bringing them back to the campsite. Disgusting! Someone broke theirs and it was the most revolting smell I have ever, ever smelled!

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