Friday, August 14, 2015

Oceanside Harbor Beach

Each trip to the beach I keep saying it is our last for the summer. I decided I best not say that anymore because we keep finding excuses to go one more time. We went to Oceanside Harbor with a bunch of friends. It was really fun. Each time we go I have loved the different groups we go with. There is always someone different to play with and for me to talk with. I love the different dynamics.

Our neighbors came, Hannah, Daniella, Sammy, our friends Jordan and Adalia, our other friends, Blake, Nathan, and Charley, Shane, and my 5 kids. That is a lot of little kids for 4 moms to watch!

Sweet Hannah
Annie with Charley and Daniella playing alone.
Annie and Charley
The boys working on their HUGE hole.
Anthony and Sammy coming in for a break.
Michael and Anthony
Awesome Sammy!
5 of the boys

Our little set up.
The girls.
It was such a fun and relaxing day!

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