Monday, August 3, 2015

Happy Birthday Dear Sister!

My sister is now 24 years old, one year closer to a quarter of a century! Ding, Ding, Ding!
Happy Birthday to my beautiful, talented, smart, animal and kid loving sister!
This crazy girl is in her last year of law school. Yep, she is going to be my famous lawyer sister. She is such a hard worker and a great example to my kids.

Now on to some funnies.

We love you so much! We hope you have a fabulous day and are much celebrated!

Princess Rori
I have been so lucky to have a little sister to hang out with!
Oh what a cutie pie!
The best friend one could ever ask for is a sister.
She was the cutest baby!
Little Rori with dad.
Grown up Rori with all her friends.
It’s your 24th birthday, so perk up because in a few more years everything else will start to sag.
You are my rainbow in a cloudy sky! I love being able to call and talk to you.
Congratulations! You’re 24 years old, one year away from being able to rent a car.
Happy Birthday to my very favorite shopping partner.
Happy Birthday to the only person that I like to play, let's get pretty and dress up.
You’re 24 years old, too old to be hanging out with the college kids and too young to be thinking about pension plans. Have an awesome, awkward birthday.
Lets see. . . . .
you have successfully gotten into and successfully survived the torture and rigorous lifestyle of law school
you have survived the tormenting of a brother law gifted in torturing younger sisters and has a wicked sarcastic sense of humor
you have survived 8 little nephews and nieces torturing you, going through your room when you weren't there, playing dress up in your shoes and clothes and make up, pilfering through your drawers looking for something fun to steal or to play with.
A brother and a sister that call and vent our adult problems because you have the best listening ear
An elderly (hehe) set of parents that dote on you and treat you as an only, last, and youngest child. You have the patience of a saint. 
Even as the miles and life pry us apart, you will always be so dear to my heart!
We love you Rori and are so proud of your many, many accomplishments! Enjoy your 24th year!

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