Saturday, August 1, 2015

Idyllwild Birthday Day #2

Day 2 of Idyllwild. Mikes boss let him have the day off so we got to play with daddy too! First off, we went for a hike.

Michael, Jaileigh and Annie
Michael and Jaileigh
The birthday kids
Anthony, Jake, Jaileigh, Michael
Daddy and his #1 princess
Daddy and his baby princess
All the princesses and daddy
Beautiful overlook!
One of the kids wanted to take a picture.
I love it!
The boulder overlook. There was a steep dropoff on the other side.
Jake found a really cool piece of wood.
Michael is way over there looking at the dead tree.
This was a cool dead tree that the kids thought should be made into a canoe.
Annie, Jaileigh, Michael, Anthony, Jakob
Funny faces!
Annie and Michael
We had to get ice cream at the little store.
Annie sharing with daddy
Trading ice creams
How many monkeys can fit on the swing?
We walked down to the little lake and it started raining.
Cleaning out the sticks that the kids through in the lake.
Each day the recreation lady hides a golden horseshoe in a secret spot. Annie found it! It was hidden in a little hole in a tree stump. I can't believe she found it. Michael was so disappointed that it wasn't him. That was all he talked about for 2 days, was finding the golden horseshoe!
She turned it in and everyone got a big candy bar!
Lunch time on the deck.
Playing in the dirt, in the rain.
It's raining, it's pouring.

 "Look Mom CHUNKS! They hurt too!"
hahaha My kids don't know what hail is.

After playing in the rain in their clothes and jackets, all they had left were jammies. They hung out in jammies the rest of the day while I did laundry.
He loves to read!
Later that evening we went down to the lodge and played games.
I snuck Jaileigh a couple of quarters so she really got to play.

Annie playing ping pong.
The pool sharks.
Michael the grouch.
Annie found a friend to play with.

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