Thursday, August 27, 2015

7 Year Well Child Visits

I finally got around to scheduling the kids 7 year well child visits. I love that our doctor will work with me and schedule them all at the same time. Some doctors won't do that.
Michael getting weighed and measured.
Dr Pumphrey was floored at how healthy and strong and smart, etc they have become especially knowing their rocky beginning. We started out with little 1-2 pound 28 week babies and now have strong kids in the 50-70% (except little pipsqueak Jaileigh).
The boys are going to be around 6' and 175-185 pounds and Jaileigh will be around 5'5" and 105 pounds.
Dr Pumphrey recommended that I start using Selsun Blue on them. He said it gets rid of all kinds of childhood skin viruses and bacteria and helps with any dandruff they may get. It will also blend any skin discolorations from scars.  He said to use it as body wash and shampoo. Helpful hint for any of you that have weird skin things on your kids. It's perfectly safe for sensitive skin and even eczema.
He also recommended that I start them on Krill Oil to help with their brain development, allergies, hives and eczema, heartburn (Jake). I've yet to buy this since it is so expensive and the pills are huge! I'm doing a little online research to find smaller kid friendly pills.
He was very happy with them. Especially happy with Michael because he hasn't seen him in over a year. His asthma and allergies seem to be getting better and better. He was happy that Jaileigh seems to be in remission from her hives and is otherwise extremely healthy, and Anthony has stayed healthy. Jake is getting there. He has lost 4 pounds so he is just up 6 pounds from his steroid gain. He is feeling better about life now. He asthma has been in control, thank goodness! He caught a little cold from the first week of school and handled it like a champ! We stayed on top of his meds and used his flow chart. Whooo Hooooo!
I will post weights and heights when I find them. Somehow I misplaced them.
The most exciting part of the whole day was missing a morning of school. They loved it. They love going to the doctor and dentist but this just made it that much sweeter. Funny kids!

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