Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Grandpa Pops!

Happy Birthday to my dad, Grandpa Pops!

There aren't many men, let alone grandparents, that would jump into a pool full of crazy, wild hooligan grandkids and entertain them!
Or sit on the couch and watch "Spirit" or "Brother Bear" or "Gruffalo's Child" for the millionth time! 

The longer I parent the more respect and admiration I have for my parents. I truly look up to them as examples and find myself thinking, "What would or did my dad or mom do"?

Grandpa Pops pulled her first tooth out for her. I just couldn't do it!
I admire that my dad will do anything to support his children, all you have to do is ask!

The day he had surgery on both of his feet, he traveled to Vegas so he could eat birthday dinner with Annie Lou on her 5th birthday!

He is black and white guy. What's right is right is right, and what's wrong is wrong.

Just because you don't see eye to eye, doesn't mean you can't be friends. He is friends with everyone! He knows everyone and pretty much likes everyone. You have to be a pretty evil person for my dad not to get along with you.

He would give you the shirt off his back, and if he had already given it to someone else, then he will search high and low for another one for you.

Humble, humble, humble!

He has taught me the concept of obedience and how important it is through example. My whole life I have watched him faithfully serve and obey at times when I would have surely faltered.

He is a jack of all trades. He always has a way or figures a way out to fix or build whatever you need.

I have many memories of my dad taking me to work with him when I was little. I remember going to the dairy when I was just a toddler, building fences for the dairy when I was in elementary. I remember biking to the construction site of our new home and "helping" him build it. When I was a little older we spent many hours together driving up and down the 15 to Salt Lake and back for his work, stopping in meadow for ribs at the gas station.

I remember riding horses, shoeing horses, getting hay, doctoring many, many animals including my grandmas many goats. One time when we got the hay I was supposed to be counting the bales. Somehow I miscounted and we ended up having quite a few more than what we had paid for. I knew that money was tight then. We had already paid for the hay and left. My dad could have told me that he would pay for them the next month, when he had more money, but he didn't. We got back in the truck and he drove back to the farmer and paid him for the extra bales. I'm sure money was very tight that month but I never heard one comment on my error.  I will always, always remember this lesson in honesty.

My dad taught me not to be afraid to get my hands dirty. It's ok for a girl to be knowledgeable in a "mans" work. I remember many nights after his work of working on my old Volkswagen beetle. Bleeding breaks, rotating brake pads, reattaching gas cables, changing the oil, and whatever else needed down.

I remember him getting up early when I was in high school, waking me up, cooking a HOT breakfast, making my lunch and sending me to school on time. Do you know how rare it is to find a father that does this? Almost nonexistent now days.

I love that my dad is one of the good ole guys, that he respects me and treats me as an equal, that he is such a perfect and humble example of how we all should live our lives. Love you dad!

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