Sunday, August 16, 2015

Here We Go Again-Oceanside Harbor

I'm not a fan of Oceanside because it is so crowded, there is limited parking and you have to pay! BUT it is so much closer than the other beaches. We headed to the beach Saturday with Daddy this time. We got there at 9:30 and had to wait in line for parking. It was ridiculous! The kids really wanted their dad to see them with their body boards. We couldn't even remember that last time he had body boarded with them, it's been so long. Probably when he took them out one at a time with their puddle jumpers still on.

Annie was dancing like crazy
The boys- I had to break down and get them rash guards because they were getting rashes from their boards,
Poor Jaileigh didn't have a rash guard and had a sore tummy.
The family
They found a crab
Playing with the crab
Michael is usually in the water. It's hard to get him out.
Jaileigh found a friend a couple of places over. They played together and then Annie friended her.

Daddy going out with the boys.
We were the red University of Utah Easy Up. The people behind us with the red, white a blue one helped us set up our easy up and then later asked us if we were Mormon. I thought that was interesting since the U is the rival of BYU and didn't know that people really knew that unless they were Mormon. Turns out he was Mormon too. Small world.
When we took our Easy Up down quite a few people complained because that was their point of reference for where there beach stuff was. I laughed.
We ate at Joe's Crab Shack. Mike and I used to eat there all the time before kids. Back then I didn't realize how overpriced it was. We just happened to get the worst waitress ever too. She served our food and then promptly forgot about us, until I got up and left with the kids. Then she hurried and found our tab so we didn't do a dine and ditch. Our kids LOVED it! We did not have one piece of food not eaten, they devoured everything!
"Mpmma's Lil Shrimp"
"Too Cute To Be Crabby"
"Feed Me!"
Jaileigh "Shark Bait Ooo Haa Haa"
Michael "My Cape Is On Backwards"
It was a ton of fun! We loved having daddy with us!

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