Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What Are You Going To Do?!

The question of the year is, "so what are you going to do now that all your kids are in school?" bhahahahahaha I wish! I wish I could come home and nap all day, or read, or go get pedicures and manicures, or hang out with friends, or lounge at the pool and sip cold water and eat otter pops or watch mindless television. bhahahahha all I can do is laugh and shrug my shoulders.

Here is what I have done so far. I get 3 hours of freedom before I pick up Annie. Yippee! I have managed to be home one day since my kids have been back to school (for 2 weeks). My house is still a mess, I haven't managed to lounge by the pool, get a pedicure, read a book or hang out at the library all day. I have scheduled most of the appointments for my kids that I procrastinated doing during the summer, my yearly physical and blood work, and had a minor procedure done. I did get my hair done(!!), I volunteered in both classes at school, took my kids to said appointments and I did my visiting teaching.  I feel like my life is busier than ever. I hoping it will settle down once we take care of all the procrastinations.

I guess my answer is, play catch up on the last 7 years!

Annie's 6 month dentist visit. It was so nice to take one child to an appointment.
She was a little shy with all the attention on her.
Lathering on the lipstick with her nice clean teeth.

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