Thursday, August 13, 2015

Last Summer Days

I feel like we were traveling all summer. The last couple of weeks we really tried to enjoy at home. I think they were that much sweeter and dear because we didn't have a lot of at home. We had quite the summer, I do believe that we lived it to its fullest!

I had to take a picture. Only Anthony!
Poor Jake got left at home one evening because he didn't take a nap. Dad took the other kids to park night with our ward FHE. He was so sad for a full 5 minutes.
Then his friends came to console him.
Finally we got some smiles.
Our favorite babysitter with her favorite boys.
It is so fun to spend evenings in our circle. We have so many kids all around the same age. All the kids were helping our neighbors walk their dog. I'm sure the dog was loving all the attention.
Camp ROCK! A favorite at our house.

Many days were spent at the pool with friends and alone.

Michael was in time out.
Playing with Hannah. What a cute couple of kids!
Days at the beach just wear them out!

Lots of wrestling!
Silly kid!
We had girl playdates and boy playdates.
The girls are so cute!

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