Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bye Bye Cast!

On Monday February 25, 2013 Jakob got his cast removed. I was so excited. We had a countdown going on and I think I was more excited than Jake was. Preschool was cancelled that day so I ended up having to take all the kids with me. They were so excited to go!

In the waiting room.
Waiting to get it cut off.
He had pulled all the stuffing out of both sides and cut so much of it off I didn't think there was any left. He had also started chipping away the cast around his hand.

Waiting quietly- Anthony and Michael.

Annie and Jaileigh were "cleaning" out my purse.


Last picture with the cast on.
When the cast first came off his eyes filled with tears. When he is at the doctors he clams up and won't talk. He gets really shy and usually hangs his head. I asked him if his arm hurt and he said yes! The nurse said that was common to hurt at first. She said it usually feels weird to have the cast removed and his arm was probably really stiff from not being able to move it for 5 weeks.

I made him smile for the picture but he was not a happy camper. He wanted his cast back on.

You can see his arm has a divet in it, toward the wrist. This was where his arm was twisted when it broke. The doctor explained, when he first put the cast on, that this would happen. He could have done surgery to straighten it, but he said it will actually fix itself over time. Young kids have amazing healing powers and his body will fill in and straighten out on its own. For now, his arm looks a little strange. It looks like it is still broken.

When the cast was taken off I really expected it to stink and to be nasty but it wasn't. The cast didn't stink and his arm looked really, really good. No gross hanging skin or nasty stench. His hand had a callous on the palm that we took care of with some aquaphor. I also rubbed aquaphor on his arm for a couple of days after.
The doctors instructions were to be careful for the next 3 weeks. No trampoline, bikes, scooters, running, sports etc. He said it was still mending and could be broken very easily. GREAT! Argh! He doesn't understand how hard it is to keep Jake calm!

There was an older girl in there with the same cast as Jake, that screamed and cried and screamed some more when she got her cast off. At first I was thinking she was getting her cast on because she was almost hysterical. While we were in the waiting room, waiting to make his next appointment I asked her if her arm hurt (she was still bawling). She said, yes! I told her Jake said his arm hurt too. She looked at him and stopped crying. Drama queen!

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