Wednesday, February 13, 2013

V Is For Valentine

This week was my week to teach preschool. It was really fun to do it on a holiday. Wednesday was our preschool Valentine exchange and after we had a potluck with all the moms and kids.

For some reason I decided I didn't need sleep the week of Valentine's. I let each of my little kiddos pick out their Valentine and then we made them together. It was really fun and I will probably do it again next year. I made all the kids write their own names somewhere on their Valentine's except Annie and Michael. Michael just plain refused to do it and I wasn't going to make him because I was too tired!

I gave each of the students a pencil and an eraser- Valentine, You Are Just Write!
Jake- Mice To Know You!
Jaileigh- Heart-shaped fans that said, "You're Fantastic!"

Annie- You Make My Heart Ring!
Anthony- I'm Glad You're In My School!
Michael's- You're Out Of This World!
My sweet little girl Valentine.
Michael and Annie reading.
I made pink play doh and let the kids make heart shapes. I think paying a dollar for playdoh is worth it! Stirring that big pot of homemade playdoh made my arm tired!

The kids bags for their Valentine exchange.

Miss Leah sitting with the kids during lunch.

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