Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Matilda

I call Annie, Matilda, after the movie Matilda. Even though she is just 2 she acts and talks like she is 17. I let my kids watch it the other day. The don't like the mean teacher, Ms Trunchbull. I pulled our lovesac into the middle of the living room and let the kids couch out on it.

Michael, Jake, Anthony, Jaileigh and Annie
Jake wears this costume everyday! It is so small for him and quickly wearing out from being forced over his cast. He has to wear a cape because the back gapes open it's so tight. He is going to be one sad little man when he can't wear it one day.

My two babies. I call Jake my baby boy and Annie my baby-baby.
Jaileigh wanted me to braid her hair into pigtails, like the girl on Matilda.

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