Monday, February 4, 2013


This weekend we went 4-wheeling with our friends in the desert. We haven't been since before Thanksgiving. It's been too cold, we've been too busy and we had some sick kids for a little bit. The kids were really excited to be out and about again.

It was a little chilly still and Jaileigh wasn't impressed at first. She insisted on sitting in my chair with a blanket while eating pretzels and Cheetos.
I brought Michael some animals so he would be happy.


Anthony stomping on glass.
Looking for glass. I used to look for lizards, spiders and snakes; my kids look for glass and other treasures (garbage). {hahaha}

One of our friends brought his little quad for all the kids to ride on. This was our kids first time around one of these and it was pretty interesting. Anthony was the first on and the first to roll it. Mike was helping him and I guess he hit the gas and turned the handlebars causing it to flip. Mike was more upset than Anthony was.
This is Jakob on the quad and Anthony in the dirt.
Michael was the scariest driver to me. He would just hit the gas and go. I was kneeling on the back trying to help (control) him and when he would hit the gas, my weight on the back would try and flip the quad. Pheww! His turn didn't end soon enough!

Jake was really good on it despite his broken arm. When he was done riding, I asked him why he was such a good driver, he responded "because you told me what to do" {like, DUH mom!}.
Even Annie got a turn.

Michael pushing Annie. I think the battery was low.
Jaileigh was a pretty good driver too.

Playing in the dirt.

I took the kids out for a ride and got lost! I had three of my kids and two of someone elses'. We were gone for over an hour before I finally found my way back. I decided to always carry my cell phone with me!

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