Monday, February 18, 2013

Visit To Gram and Gramps

I had a filling fall out of a tooth so I made an appointment with my dentist in St. George. I also made appointments for the boys because the children's dentist here wanted to do ridiculous amounts of work on them that I really didn't think was necessary (I was right).  I was originally just going to take the boys because it was going to be a quick trip; Monday morning leave, home Tuesday evening. The closer I got to leaving, the uneasier I felt about leaving the girls. Sunday night I told Mike I felt like I needed to take all the kids and we decided that would work out. I'm glad that I listened because I ended up having to stay until Thursday. Mike had to ride with his boss Thursday and he would have been in a pickle if he still had the girls.

I didn't take many pictures but I did get a few cute ones.

Annie in the tire swing in Grandma and Grandpas backyard.
My aunt was in town with her twins and two of her girls. It was so fun to see them. Ethan (one of the twins) went in the backyard and played with my kids for awhile. They were digging for diamonds!
Rori babysat while I went to the dentist. She is the coolest Aunty! She built the kids this massive fort in the living room!
Michael climbing out of the fort.
The fort.
I let the kids play in the backyard, for the first time alone. I figured the snakes and spiders were still hibernating so there wasn't too much to be worried about. I kept an eye on them from the deck.
They were going on a bear hunt with their shovels.

Making plans.
Skinny jeans and red cowboy boots- that's how he rolls!
We had so much fun! Thanks for letting us come!

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