Friday, February 8, 2013

They Love To Bowl

IHOP was serving free pancakes on National Pancake Day, February 5. Mike and I took the kids for dinner and then we went bowling.

Waiting for a table at IHOP.

I was alone with these five monkeys for about 45 minutes before their daddy got off work. Annie had a complete melt down, screaming included, Michael had to go poop, they all wanted syrup on their pancakes and then they didn't want it on their pancakes. I was sweating bullets by the time Mike came!

Annie with her bowling shoes on.
Michael telling me a story.

He lifted all of his balls even with his broken arm. I call him Nemo with his broken fin.
Anthony and Annie being silly.

He LOVES to bowl!
Waiting for the balls.

The kids didn't eat their pancakes so they were starving! We ordered a pizza and fries which they devoured.

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