Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Before the snow melted from the last storm, I wanted to take the kids up to Lake Arrowhead to play in it. I was going to take the kids up right after speech but Mike called and said he was coming home for lunch. I decided we would wait for him to come home and then go. It was about an hour wait but the kids were excited to see him. We left at 1:02 and at 1:45 I got to the bottom of the 18 freeway and ran into a road block. There were police everywhere! I pulled into the parking lot with memories flooding my mind from 6 years ago when this same thing happened to me because of the fires up there. We lived up there six years ago. I ended up walking 4 miles up the hill trying to get to our dogs, our then babies, before someone picked me up and drove me the rest of the way. I was so glad that number one, I didn't live up there still, and number two we had waited the hour for Mike to come home. If we had left when I was originally going to we would have been stuck up there. The road block was because of Chris Dorner, the former LAPD officer that shot some people in Southern California. I was very grateful indeed!

I called Mike and he suggested we head over to Idyllwild. I mapquested it and it was another hour drive. Most of the kids were napping so I decided to go. It was well worth the drive! They had so much fun!

Helicopters headed up to Big Bear for the Chris Dorner stake out.
Annie and Jaileigh
Anthony was the first out and ready to explore.
We found a sled that was a little broken but it worked! You can see there wasn't much snow but enough to sled on.

They had so much fun! They laughed and laughed and laughed!
Anthony and Jaileigh had a big crash!
Then Annie and Jaileigh crashed.
Everyone running down to help.
Michael was a little nervous going down backwards but ended with a huge grin.
Anthony and Annie crashed into a bush. She said, "Mom we went into a TREE!" hahahahaha
Anthony had his baggy full of gum up there! He was so funny. He ate every piece.
I was changing Michael and Annie in the back of the car while the other three played. Jake came running up to me crying a little. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that Jaileigh had thrown snow at him. He was so appalled that she had done that. I laughed and said that was okay and you were supposed to throw snowballs at each other. We got the snow cleaned out of his coat and off he went to throw his own snowballs.

Annie and Anthony watching the snowball fight.
Michael was ready for hot chocolate with whipped cream on top!

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