Friday, February 22, 2013

Organic Carrots

While the kids were at preschool on Friday, Annie and I did our bi-weekly shopping at Winco and then stopped by the local Farmer's Market. I picked up some carrots for the kids to eat and Annie automatically said they were for the horses. Haha! As soon as we picked the kids up from preschool she announced that we were going to feed the horses. Oh dear! After lunch and naps we set out to find some horses to feed.

They are quite a few horse boarders in our little town. We used to visit one by our old house all the time so I took them over there. The horses had just been fed so they weren't interested in our carrots. They kids were so upset. Michael was even crying by the end.

Jaileigh, Anthony, Jakob, Michael and Annie
Jake walking to see if he could find some responsive horses.
Michael and Anthony

Jaileigh sampling the wares.
Anthony eating his too.
Michael pretty sad.
Walking the hay bales.

Big alligator tears!
We left with the kids quite upset but in search of other hungry horses. The kids ended up eating most of the carrots so I was happy!

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