Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pass Expired!

I decided to take the kids to the zoo one more time before my pass expired. Today we went to the San Diego Zoo instead of the Safari Park. The kids were a little tired since we had just gone to the Safari Park the day before yesterday but they quickly warmed up and had so much fun.

This photo took me a good 10 minutes to get because they were all fighting over the spot Michael was standing in. Lots of tears and screams here!
This is how the day typically went- Michael, Jaileigh, Annie and Anthony viewing an animal and . . .
Jake climbing trying to get in with the animals.

One of the numerous bear exhibits they have.

My monkeys checking out the monkeys. I had to roll their pants up because it was so warm. I didn't bring shorts because I didn't realize it was going to be so warm today!
The kids were so active today, they ran everywhere! I continually was telling them to slow down and not to run. Despite my naggings and warnings they continued and we had a few accidents. Annie's hands got all scraped up, someone's leg and Jaileigh's elbow.
Oh, this kid is a riot! Look at that dirty face!
We sat down to eat our lunches at one of the tables near the eateries and one of the workers gave us a chocolate ice cream to share. My kids were so excited because I was not going to spend $7 on a little ice cream cone!

Climbing again.
My sweet Michael.
My WILD man!

This was outside the bathroom that they all HAD to visit for the 16th time!
Jaileigh, Annie, Jake, Michael, Anthony
All day long Michael talked about seeing the Polar Bears and it took us all day to get all the way to their exhibit! By the time we got there it was 4:45 pm and the zoo closed at 5:00 pm. It was worth the walk because they had so much fun.
Jaileigh, Michael and Anthony
"Uh Mom, is this floor dirty?"
Yep, he's wild!
Big smiles from Jake.
Climbing on the tunnels right under the "Don't climb on" sign.
Annie ran into Jake's cast and gave herself and fat and bloody lip so she sat in the choo choo for the remainder of the time.
She didn't last too long before she crashed. Jaileigh carried this doll with her all day long. I told her NOT to bring it in because I was not going to take care of it but she proved me wrong and took care of it. She carried her baby and wore her diva glasses and I'm so mad I didn't get a picture. Thank goodness she brought the baby because Annie needed a pillow.

It took us forever to walk out of the zoo. We got a little bit lost  and locked in. I had the choo choo with me so I was trying to avoid the stairways. The Aviaries are always the way around the stairways but they were all locked because it was after 5:00. I ended up having to drag the choo choo up 7 flights of stairs while holding a sleeping Annie. I was so tired and the next day sore! The kids were so tired too. They kept asking when they could get back in the choo choo because their feet were "killing them"!

Anthony trying to find the way with his map.
We eventually found our way out of the zoo and home!

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