Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Tinkerbell Duo

Annie really wanted to be Tinkerbell again this year, and so did Jaileigh. Annie outgrew her costume so I decided to be crafty and make her a new one. Boy oh boy, was that an adventure. I googled how to make a tinkerbell costume and found a do it yourself blog that looked so simple. Let me just say, I quit making it several times, the costume looks nothing like the sample on the blog, I never once said a swear word but I surely walked out of the room several times in frustration. Once I came to terms with myself that this costume was going to have to be made from my imagination and craftiness, I put the computer away and went to work. I'm over my failure and so glad that Annie is easy to please. She was very happy! If my baby is happy then I am happy.

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