Sunday, October 28, 2012

I Is For . . . .

Last week I was in charge of preschool. The letter was "I" and I had so much fun. On Monday we made homemade ice cream in bags. Wednesday we made igloos and searched for insects in sand.

The igloos were a little tricky. I let the kids "frost" the styrofoam cup with frosting then they started piling on the marshmallows. The trick was to start from the bottom and work your way up. Not all of them understood bottom to top so some of their marshmallows started to slowly sink to the bottom. Overall the kids had fun and were really proud of their creations.

Working on their igloos.
Jake and Michael
Anthony and Annie
Digging for insects. This was funny. The kids weren't sure if the insects were alive so they were a little cautious at first. They kept asking me if the insects would hurt them.

I didn't post close up personal pictures of the other preschool students because I haven't asked permission. I'm not sure how the other mothers feel about public blogs.

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