Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Saturday PAR-TAYYYY #1

The first Saturday in October was party filled. We had two kid parties to attend. The first one was our old neighbor, Zander's, one year birthday. His mommy picked a construction theme for the party, SUPER cute!

Jake, Annie and Michael playing in the building area (coloring).
Annie played in the sandbox and then didn't want her hands dirty.

Jake playing in the dig zone (sand box).

Michael eating cheese balls and tortilla chips. I didn't realize that food was going to be served (party was 1pm-5pm) so I fed my kids before we went. They eat around 11 so I would have fed them anyway. Michael enjoyed the cheese balls though.
Jake and Anthony
Anthony hitting golf tee's into styrofoam.

The trampoline was by far the favorite event!
Michael and Jakob


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