Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rileys Farm

On Saturday Mike got to the USC football game with his buddy. His boss gave him the tickets and Mike did some bartering so that I would let him go. Hahaha! I decided to take the kids apple picking instead of staying at home being bored. We traveled up to Oak Glen and went to Riley's Farm. The kids had so much fun.

Annie, Jake, Jaileigh, Michael and Anthony
Michael and Anthony
Annie, Jakob, Annie, Michael and Anthony
I was having a hard time getting smiles and no one wanted to look at me. There was too much going on that they were looking everywhere but at me.
Anthony, Jaileigh, Jakob, Annie and Michael
Anthony, Jaileigh and Jakob
Jake and Anthony playing in the stream.
Jaileigh and Jake
Jake found a rock in the water.
Michael was so busy. This is the best picture I got of him. He loved the water and the apples.

I let them take their shoes off so they could walk in the water.
The water was freezing!
These pudgey toes are Annies.


Annie sat on a rock and ate an apple then she felt a whole lot better. She even decided to play in the water again.
Picking apples.

Riding on the hay ride driven by a tractor. 
10 shoes, 50 Toes
We found a cow by the pumpkin patch.

Jake was trying to pick out the best pumpkin. He and Anthony really like the white and green ones.
My happy bunch.
See you later,
The end!

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