Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Out To Dinner

Mike and I sat down one day and made a menu for the whole month. We then went shopping and bought most of the groceries to make all of the meals. Since then we haven't been out to eat. It has been so nice not to have to wonder what I am going to make for dinner. I can just look at the menu and there is my answer. The menu is flexible too, if we decide to have something else that is fine. I have really enjoyed it. One night we decided to go out just for fun. After we ate dinner we let the kids play in the town centers "living room". It has a huge fire place with chairs set up all around it.

Michael and Annie showing some love.
Jake and Daddy

Anthony and Daddy
Annie Grace and her daddy. She refers to Mike and I as HER mom and HER dad. Mike had to take her to the bathroom in Winco (grocery store). He was in line to check out and she starts screaming that she has to pee. I am sure he got the panicked deer in the headlight look in his eyes. He left his cart and ran her to the bathroom. He held her up while she pottied and then ran back to the cart. She was upset because he wouldn't let her wash her hands. (She hadn't touched anything.) So everytime I take her to the bathroom she has to tell me that "my dad won't let me wash my hands when I go to the bathroom." hahaha!

Being silly.
Michael and Jaileigh
The closest I could get to a group picture. The were being too silly.

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