Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Date With My Big Girl

Jaileigh is the worst picker. She picked this nasty habit up from her daddy. Those two pick their nails until there isn't any nail left. Then they try to pick other peoples nails. Argh! It drives me batty! Especially that Jaileigh has picked it up. I have tried to threaten her, tell her princesses don't pick, bribe her but nothing has worked. . . until now. I promised to take her on a date to the nail salon where she could have her nails done.

She had to stop picking long enough for her nails to grow out. She did it! Hopefully, the habit is broken. If not we will have to keep up with the dates.

She picked out this orane/red glitter polish. I was really surprised because she is a PINK only kind of girl.

Little toesies.
Left hand.
Right hand.

Anthony wanted a picture with his nails too.
After we were done she wanted to go to Jack in the Box where she ordered a burger, 5 piece chicken, 2 tacos and fries! She ate the burger, 2 chicken pieces and the fries. Her brothers ate the rest. The rest of them all have dates planned when they meet their goals. Anthony and Michael have to stop screaming, Jake has to stop biting his nails (picked that up from daddy too), and Annie has to be nice to everyone!

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