Saturday, October 20, 2012

Picking Pumpkins

Groupon was running a special for a pumpkin patch near our house so I snatched that deal up. I don't know what pumpkin patches are like every where else but here it's a nice way for someone to make some extra money. They are like small carnivals with rides, food, prizes, and even carnies.

We went on a week night and it was pretty empty. The guy in charge let us pretty much do what we wanted.

The boat ride.
Jaileigh and Jake
Annie and Anthony
Michael picking out a pumpkin.
Jake filled this wheel barrow and pushed it all over the place.
Annie waiting to be pulled.
 Everyone ended up picking pumpkins the size that Annie has except Anthony. He picked one like the one Jaileigh is holding.
Annie, Michael, Jaileigh, Anthony and Jake

And trying to live up to my goal from the article,  The Mom Stays In The Picture, here is my token picture. No make up, mom hair, grubby clothes, but I got the picture done.

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