Monday, October 22, 2012

A Rainy Zoo Visit

Kids get in free at the San Diego Zoo for the month of October. I decided to take my kids one Thursday after speech. The only problem was it was a rainy, drizzly day. I packed the umbrellas, change of clothes and the choo choo wagon and off we went. On the way down my phone was getting alerts from all the rain and flooding so I was getting pretty worried. We got there and it was raining but right after we walked through the gates it stopped raining. It rained off and on while we were there but not heavy rain. The kids thought it was really fun to be able to use their umbrellas.

Looking at the rhinoceroses.They were playing and fighting. It reminded me of my small herd.
Jaileigh stretching.
The giraffes. Jaileigh me that she wants to have a really long neck like the giraffes.

It started raining so it was the perfect time to stop and eat. They had a covered patio that was empty. The parking lot to the zoo was full, surprisingly! I think it was because it was free kids month. All the schools and day cares were there.
Eating lunch.
Michael asked me to take a picture of him with a grape in his mouth.
Anthony wanted to do it too.
Jake actually looking at the camera. This picture is soooo Jake. Little stinker with all that sass.
Annie with her crazy hair.

Playing with the dinosaur bones.
Ummm- I don't think you are supposed to climb those Jaileigh.
The long awaited elephants. It took us forever to get here but was worth the walk and wait.

Watching an elephant movie during a rainy moment.
Watching the elephant get his nails and feet cleaned.

I think these are leopards. There was a mom and her two babies. They were wrestling like my kids do.

Trying to climb the elephant. Annie was done at this point.
Riding the prehistoric lion.
A cheetah.
What a fun time we had! I'm hoping we get to visit again this month, if not twice.

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