Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mr. Michael Went On A Date

Michael is the second one to get to go on a special date. My kids go on dates all the time. When Mike and I run errands we try to take one with us to get extra one on one time. Annie is with me alone during preschool, Michael always wakes up early from naps to get his extra time, Jaileigh likes to stay up later at night, and Anthony is very good at requesting individual time. These special dates are planned and are rewards for a certain goal that the kids accomplish.

Michaels goal was to control his screaming. He has really worked on trying not to scream. His voice sounds so much better, it's not as hoarse as it can get. He really wanted to go to the library on his date. I let Mike take him.

Mike let him pick out his books. Michael was so cute and picked out a special book for all of his siblings too.

Mike was really impressed with Michael and his library skills. He thought it was really cute how Michael loved to read. When he goes to the library he has a special bench by a window that he loves to sit on. He picks out a book and then goes over to the bench and looks at every page and every picture. You can tell that he totally absorbs every detail of the book. When he is done he puts the book back and picks out another one. He would do this all day long if you let him. He absolutely loves to read.

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