Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The LA County Fair

We were lucky enough to attend the LA County Fair with our quad friends and our old school, Casa Colina. This was our 3rd and probably final year of attending the annual event.
I don't know why my kids look terrified of taking a picture.
My quads have the yellow "Quad Squad" t-shirts and Annie has the pink #5 shirt on.
With our old teacher, Sharon.
Waiting in line at the fair to see theh sting rays.

Jake off doing his own thing. Silly kid.
The line up.
Looking at the sting rays.
All of us looking at the sting rays.
Little farmers.
Michael is driving the tractor.
Checking out the goats.
Jake getting a better view.
Anthony, Jaileigh and Michael trying to pet the pigs.

Feeding the goats- Anthony

This is the only picture I got of Annie feeding them. She was a little afraid.

Jakob was so resourceful. He picked up the feed off the floor. It took him a long time because he had to filter through the sawdust.
Anthony was very intrigued by what was under all the animals. I kept catching him looking under bellies and tails. All I can hope is he is going to be some kind of doctor one day.
Michael trying to ride the sheep.
Steph and her quaddy babies.
She and Jake got in a sawdust fight. She ended up with more sawdust in her hair than he did.
Petting the cow.
Petting the baby goat.
Two sets of quads with their mommas.
High light of the whole trip, driving the tractor!

So long, farewell, good bye!

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