Saturday, May 5, 2012

Zion, Petting Farm, Swimming

Monday we went to Zion National Park. I packed a picnic and we ate as soon as we got there. We were all starving. We had to eat amongst the tent caterpillars that I mentioned in the previous post. Yuck!

Looking for caterpillars.


Scratching her belly while eating her sandwich. Talented!


I am the boss!

After eating we went for a little hike. We found an amphitheater and the sprinklers were on. Of course the kids had to play in them.

When they went off they were so crushed.

Jake was trying to "fix" them so they would go back on.

Annie, Michael, Jake, Anthony and Jaileigh

We left and stopped at the Virgin Trading Post a few miles outside of  Zion. They had very good ice cream and a little petting farm.

You could buy 3 big carrots for $1. I got 3 and broke them up so everyone got one or two pieces.

One of the miniature horses was a bully. The kids are saying "no, no, no, no" to it. Every time we would try to feed one of the other horses, he would bite it.

They had 2 deer.

I thought these were Alpaca's but they could be llamas. Nothing was labeled so I am just guessing.

The little saloon.

Covered wagon shot.
Jake, Jaileigh, Annie, Michael and Anthony

The kids napped while I drove home and immediately wanted to go swimming. I gave in and took them to the pool.

Whew! What a day!

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