Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Anndalyn Grace

* Favorite sayings, I want it/that, I do it, Watch me, This is mine! Why Mom/Dad?
* She can say everything! She has picked up a nice word from Mike's vocabulary that we are trying to help her forget. She doesn't forget too easily though. It has been blurted out many times in public places. Nice!
* She is tough as nails! All of my kids are pretty tough but she is by far the toughest. She will get hurt, really hurt, and will only cry for 2 seconds. I have to hold her down to check her out.
* Was walking at 9 months and potty trained at 18 months, night trained by 20 months.
* Loves turkey dogs, string cheese, fish crackers, fried eggs, bacon, chicken on the bone, grapes, BUTTER!
* Is an animal lover. She has really helped the other kids get over their fear of dogs.
* Thinks she is one of the quads. When they go to kindergarten she is going to be so sad!
* Loves to go to the store! She gets her shoes and says, "Mom, come on, go store!"
* Loves her swimsuit! Will wake up in the morning and put it on.
* Likes to pick out her own clothes.
*  Likes to eat crayons, paint, markers, and gum.
* Oh boy, can she can throw a tantrum.
* Loves, loves, loves SHOES! Everywhere we go she wants to get a new pair of shoes.
* Does not like ketchup. If something has touched ketchup she WON'T eat it.
* Doesn't like milk.
*  Loves the beach, the water, and being outside.
* Is a daredevil! I don't think she knows what fear is!
We love this little ball of personality and cannot imagine our lives without her. She is such a JOY!

I randomly picked pictures from the last year. Just looking at these makes me laugh! Enjoy.

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Elyse said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Happy Birthday, Anndalyn!