Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Excited For Daddy

We left Utah on Wednesday and traveled to Las Vegas to see Uncle Joe and Aunt Kathy. Joe went to the airport to pick up Daddy. Kathy and I took the kids to a park to run off some energy. When Mike helps me drive to Vegas and back, he always flies Spirit airlines. They are the worst airline out there but the cheapest. We get flights for $9.99 each way, with taxes it ends up being between $25-40 but still worth it. You can't carry on, check, pick your own seat, they charge extra for EVERYTHING! Mike just brings his wallet and his phone and we have never had to pay extra. It works great for us!

Anthony chasing the birds.

Kathy and Jaileigh swinging and Annie next to them.



Running to meet Daddy and Joe.

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