Monday, May 21, 2012

For The Most Part, A Quiet Weekend

I say for the most part quiet because our house is never truly quiet, as anyone with multiple children will know.

I feel like we have been on the road every weekend for the last year, not really but close. It was nice to just stay home and hang out this weekend. Friday night we rented kids movies, went to the dollar store for candy and BBQed hamburgers. Saturday we cleaned the house, played in the yard, I birthday shopped for Annie, and we played on the jumper in the pool, went for a walk, made cookies. Sunday was church and more of the same activities from above. It turned out to be a refreshing and fun weekend.

"What Mom?" my sassy little baby girl is almost 2. I can't believe it!

Jaileigh is excited for Annies birthday. I think she really thinks its going to be her birthday too.


Goofy Michael

Playing "bubble time". They get all the bubble stuff and carry it around.
Jake, Michael, Jaileigh

Jake got mud on his face and wasn't too happy.

Anthony's pants fell down when he went down the slide.

An action moment. . . I love the legs flying down the slide.

When you aren't winning, cheat. Jake is showing us how it is done.

I think the bath tub shrunk.

This little girl is chock full of personality!

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Kendall said...

Cute kids :) Looks like a lot of fun!