Monday, May 14, 2012

Palm Springs, Here We Come!

We haven't been camping in a long while so for Mother's Day weekend I wanted to go. We headed up and over to the Palm Springs area. The resort we went to closes for the summer on May 15 so it was a little bit of a ghost town. It was pretty hot and not much to do. We kept the kids busy swimming. Every morning Annie woke up at 5:00 so she and I went for early morning walks.

 Saturday morning we went for a bike ride while we waited for the pool to open. It opened at 8:00. Jaileigh on her bike.

The boys chasing a rabbit.

A lot of these road runners were hanging out.

Jaileigh, Annie and Daddy

They had a tiny park to play on.



They had a kids room that we played in for awhile. It was nice to get out of the heat.

The pool.

 Sprinklers are always a hit with my kids.

This girl is a water baby!

He is fearless! He loves to run and jump in the water and to be thrown up in the air. Loves it!

Ahhhhhh! Nice warm showers.

More sprinklers.

After we had a BBQ and the kids ate so much chicken. It's true that swimming makes you hungry!

Watching the neighbor pack up his stuff. He was really cute with the kids.

Our evenings were beautiful!

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