Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moving On To Big Bikes

I always tell myself that economically, having my kids so close is the same as having 5 kids spread out but this week I have found a major difference- no hand-me-downs! We never have hand-me-down clothes but more importantly BIKES! We were lucky enough to get our balance bikes through an incentive program with Mikes work. Now the kids are ready for big kid bikes. I was planning on getting Annie one for her birthday until I looked at prices. I decided she is getting Jaileigh's balance bike. I then went to visit one of my best friends, Craigslist.

Annie on her new bike.

Michael on Jaileigh's "new" bike.

I got a blue spider man bike for the boys to share. I also found a yellow Tonka one that is really cool but still a little too big. At this point I don't think we need more than three bikes. Michael isn't too interested in riding. Jake and Anthony will probably ride the most, followed by Jaileigh. Once Anthony figures out how to ride confidently he can ride the yellow bike because he is a little taller, Jake can have the blue, and Jaileigh the pink. Michael can share with everyone when he wants to ride. When he decides he really likes it I guess I'll find another one. The cool thing about all of this is the 3 bikes cost less than 1 brand new bike. Whoo Hoooo!

Look at his grin!

Jaileigh does really well but over thinks it.

Anthony was the first to ride and shocked me at how well he did. I helped him on the bike and he just took off like he had ridden before. I don't know if you noticed but these bikes don't have training wheels! This picture isn't a great one but the only one I took for some reason.

Michael likes his balance bike.

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