Thursday, May 31, 2012

Packages, Dinner and Cake

During naptime two packages came in the mail for Annie. Grandma and Grandpa and Rori sent birthday presents! Jaileigh, Michael and Anthony woke up first and really wanted Annie to wake up. They sat right next to her and as soon as she opened her eyes they came screaming to tell me.

Daddy trying to figure out what Rori's present is.

A BEAUTIFUL new tutu!

Annie and her goods. She shoved all of her gifts in her new purse. You can see Michael in the background crying. He was having a hard time this time with the presents. Grandma even sent him presents but he wanted Annie's.

We went to Texas Roadhouse after that. They have the peanuts and you throw the shells on the floor. My kids love that, and the rolls. hmmmmmmmmm! Yum!


Did I mention that Annie loves butter!

They sang Happy Birthday/Yee Haw to her and she was so shy! She hid on my lap and wouldn't get on the saddle they brought over for her.

Riding the "horse"


Anthony and Annie

Cake time. Annie dipped her hand in the frosting right away.

I ordered a simple cake from Target and then put the princesses around it. The ribbon around the cake is baby pink- it's a little hard to tell. I didn't want a huge cake for the 7 of us. This was supposed to serve 8-10 but after0 all of us having a serving we still have 1/2 the cake left. I was also too lazy to just make one.

The happy group!

Blowing out the "candles". We had to use matches. For some reason I thought we had candles and we didn't. She didn't care.

She didn't take one bite of her cake, after requesting a BIG piece! With frosting in her hair, she was perfectly happy playing with her princesses.

Happy Birthday baby girl!

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Linda Chapman said...

Happy HAPPY Birthday!!!