Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Cousin's House

On Sunday, after Church and nap we went over to Andy (my brother) and Tia's house. They have the greastest yard to play in. My kids have so much fun there!

Getting ready to leave Grandma's. Anthony has his shades on.

We brought our bikes with us from California. Legend on Annie's.


Annie got first dibs on the swing.


I love this next series of pictures. Michael pushing Annie.


The two babies- Annie and Legend are two weeks apart. They had to have been sitting in heaven together watching us before they were born.


Aunt Tia let Jaileigh help her cut roses.

Legend and Jake


Jake riding the 2-wheeler with training wheels. We have balance bikes and Major has a pedal bike. My kids thought the pedal bikes were so cool.

Jaileigh and Anthony

Rori doing triple duty with Michael on her back and Jaileigh and Anthony on the swing.

Aunt Tia playing with Annie, Major and Jaileigh

I love the laughter!

Anthony and Michael


Jaileigh and Major- Don't they look so excited to be by each other! HA

Annie and Legend fighting over the bike.

Jake and Jaieligh


My little brother, Andy.

Old folks sitting on the porch while the little ones play.

Rubbing my babies back.

Legend trying to give Annie her shoe.

Jaileigh and Annie

The two littles again.

Legend with his daddy's shoes.

I asked Andy to make a shadow box for my boys bedroom. He made it and it was at Tia's dance studio so we headed over there to pick it up. The kids enjoyed running around crazy. Once I get the shadow box finished I'll post a picture for you to see. I'm so excited! He, of course, did a stupendous job as always!

Doing the alligator dance.

Jaileigh playing with Aunty Tia.

Anthony wearing a scary, monster mask!

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