Thursday, May 10, 2012

Leucadia and Carson's Visit

My dear friend, Michelle, came to visit us again and brought her son Carson this time. We traveled down to Leucadia (Encinitas) to stay with them on Saturday night. Huge thanks to Michelle! We had so much fun.

Saturday afternoon we checked into our Beach Inn and then walked the couple of blocks to the beach. I think this is Beacon's beach. It had this steep walkway that had warnings that the bluff could give away at any time. It was pretty neat though. The link I posted has some great pictures if you are interested.

Upper view.

Anthony and Annie beat everyone down. They sat nicely and waited for the rest of us slow pokes.


My four boys.





Anthony and Michael


Throwing rocks was a big hit.

Playing in the sand was also really fun. Thank goodness for baby powder.

Daddy with his girls.




Climbing near one of the warning signs.


Michelle and Carson

Jake wanted his picture. A RARE occurrence.

Watching Mickey Mouse on the iPad!

We went to Denny's for dinner and it was Kids Eat Free! How cool is that!

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