Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fall Fun

Our friend Jim came to hang out with us one Saturday. He played baseball with the kids ALL day long! They had so much fun. Anthony was attached to his side and when he was leaving asked if he could come back tomorrow to play with him. We missed his wife Angie, she was sick with shingles and didn't want to share them with us.
Annie FINALLY let me sign her up for dance. She is such a natural athlete and is so coordinated. She refused to do anything. I was trying really hard not to push her because she is still young. Finally she decided she wanted to dance with her neighbor friend. She will be dancing at our local boys and girls club after kindergarten. Jaileigh is still with her original dance studio.
 The boys are signed up for Pony baseball, machine pitch with dad as coach. Their team is the CUBS!
Jake practicing his swing.


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