Thursday, September 3, 2015

Back To School Fun

Back to school brings back the crazies! Mom goes crazy and kids go crazy!

Reading time. They LOVE to read. Each one has to read 15 minutes to me a day. That's a lot of reading for daddy and I to listen to!
Even Annie is supposed to read or be read to every night.
Crazy kid! Showing me how to comb his eyebrows. He licks his fingers.
Then slicks them down.
Hahahaha My kids are a little confused as to their skin color.
Top row, left to right
Anthony is #2
Jaileigh is #3
Jakob is #4 (he thinks his eyes are green too)
Michael is #5
We have had so much fun swimming with our friends at their pool. They are so kind to share with us!
Annie and her friend Matthew

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