Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Camping At WilderNess Lakes

The kids didn't have school on Friday because of staff development so we went on a quick camping trip with some friends. I did a terrible job of taking pictures. Didn't get too many but some of them are cute. The kids all had so much fun and are going on a 3 hour nap right now.

We camped with friends Sarah, Bobby, Blake and Shane. Thursday night we had our friends, Logan, Sarah and Jeff come visit.  Friday we had Karen, Kevin, Katie and Matthew come and later Shannon, Madison and Kadence came over. It was a lot of kids and a lot of excitement!

Jake and his s'more.
Grubby fingers and yummy smore.
This smore was flaming 1 millisecond before I snapped this photo.
My Michael
Kids playing with glow sticks.
Playing in the dirt.
I think someone is tired!
The next day was full of games, swimming, scavenger hunts, relays and belly laughs. The boys even squoze in a baseball practice.
Jaileigh was stuck and of course I had to take a picture.
Michael and Jake
 Pictures from Kevin.
Karen and I with 7 of the kiddos.
Jaileigh and Katie
Mike and Jaileigh

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