Thursday, October 1, 2015

Camping Relays & Games

Here are the pictures from our camping trip from Scenes and Creations, Kevin.

Karen and I, mostly Karen, had a bunch of fun activities for the kids. We started off with a scavenger hunt. We broke into 3 teams, Kevins team, Karens team and my team. My team and Kevin's team tied. Little Michael yelled at me and said that if I wasn't so lazy they would have won. It was pretty funny because our team was anything but lazy! We ran all over the park looking for things. He was pretty competitive over that scavenger hunt!

2nd Karen had a cookie game. The kids started with a cookie on their forehead and had to get it down into their mouths without using their hands. Pretty fun! Annie won this game.
Katie, Michael, Anthony, Blake
Annie- the winner winner
Friend Blake
After the cookie game we went to the pool to cool off.
Matthew and Katie
Michael, Matthew, Annie, Katie and Jaileigh
Come on Matthew, get it!
Our other friends, Madyson and Kadence joined us with their mom, Shannon.
The best part of the whole pool is Jaileigh pushing Kevin in. She snuck up behind him, caught him off guard and pushed him right in. Thank goodness he didn't have his phone or his camera on him.
After the pool we went back to our campsite and ate lunch. Mike worked and joined us after lunch for games.
I love this picture of Jaileigh and her daddy.
Anthony and Matthew
The first game we played was the candy ball game. I wrapped layers and layers of saran wrap, candy, bubble wrap, packing tape, over and over and over. The point was for the kids to unwrap as many layers as they could in 30 seconds. Whatever candy fell out was theirs to keep. This is a seminary game and is usually used with scripture mastery scriptures. It was so much fun!
Michael went first.
Then Anthony.
Annie's turn.
Even the baby got a turn.
Group picture minus Kevin.
Karen then had a bunch of relays. The first one was a ninja spider web one. Karen used party streamers to make the maze.
This is such an awesome picture.

Then we did an obstacle course relay. Mike and I joined in to make the teams even. And because we wanted to have fun too! 
Mike is excited his team won!

Matthew with his "trophy"!
Jakob with his best buddy, Matthew. He is so sweet to Matthew. He is my most gentle kid, very compassionate.
Cute girls in the tree.
Anthony and Matthew
Katie and Madyson
Jaileigh and the girls.
Karen and Kevin took Katie and Jaileigh and Matthew to the pool. Mike took the boys to baseball and Annie wanted to rest at the campsite with me. When she was rested enough we joined them at the park.
We played at the park and played in the rec room until Mike and the boys came back.
Jaileigh and Katie
Annie gave her bike to one of the boys to ride so she wanted to ride on mine.
Mike smoked meat, we ate s'mores and had a campfire. Then we broke out the glow sticks and had a light painting party.
I think they ate s'mores a couple of times.
Fire, fire! Michaels is very good at catching his marshmallows on fire.
Katie and Jaileigh
Anthony and Matthew
Dance party!
Jaileigh and Annie
Jaileigh, Annie, Anthony and Jakob
Group picture.
Sweet Katie telling me good bye.
My favorite girls!
It scored high on my kids favorite days! They will remember this day for a long time!

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