Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Shaving Practice!

We had an oopsy one night after baseball practice. I always tease my boys that they are getting so big and that they are growing beards and whiskers. They always run and check in the mirror to see the new hair that they are hoping for. I guess Jake decided he was going to practice shaving his new whiskers while he was in the shower. He grabbed his dads razor and went for it.

He hid in my closet with a sheet over his head. He finally came and got me and drug me in the closet with him. He was so scared when he was telling me about it. I got scared that he had cut himself because he was all covered up. No big cuts. His thumb had a couple of cuts and his head had one little one. The big part was the shaved hair! He had shaved his "sideburns" up a little too far.

I usually cut the families hair but I decided this one was too tricky for me so I called a friend. She was so sweet. It was 9pm and she told me to come right over that she was on her way home from Young Women's and would meet us there. I know she hadn't been home all evening because she had baseball practice with us too. She also has 5 little kids one being a 6 month old.

She fixed him all up, made him happy and refused to take any money. What a great example to me of service and sharing your talents.

Jake refused to take the hat off. He wouldn't show anyone his head, only me.

On the car ride I googled "boy haircuts short sides long top". Jake picked out this picture.
I snuck this picture.
and this one.
He was so sad.
Then he was so excited! His first "Real" haircut!!!
Oh happiness!
Anthony woke up the next morning and requested one just like it. I got the clippers and scissors out and gave him one. Happy boys!

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